Fix Thunderbird Emails problems

thunderbird email problems

Thunderbird is a brilliant email service but this does not mean that the email service is perfect. While the email service is usually problem-free but there can still be some instances where users of Thunderbird face issues with the email service. In this guide, you will get to know some simple fixes that will help you in fixing the issues of the email service. 

Common Fixes to Fix Thunderbird Email Problems

Fix 1: See internet connection

If thunderbird email not working then, the one of the biggest issues can be the internet. It is very important that you have a strong and stable internet connection when you are using the email service and this is why make sure that the network you are suing is good. 

Fix 2: See server settings

If your thunderbird fails to connect to server then, it is highly possible that the server settings of the email are not correct. You need to check the email server and configuration settings of your account to resolve your issue. 

Fix 3: Reset the password

If you are not able to access your email account with the login details you are entering then, we recommend that you reset the password of your account as many people often type the incorrect password of the account which creates issues. 

Fix 4: Use a different browser

If you are using the email service on a web browser then, the web browser can also be the cause behind your problem. Try to use a different web browser that supports Thunderbird.